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Arye Leybovich & Co. Law Offices has established itself as one of the prominent and leading law firms in Israel representing clients in the field of taxation and cross-border investments, and is one of the only firms in Israel with a specialty in the practice of trusts and estates and asset management for private clients. The concentration of knowledge and professional skill of the firm's attorneys in this area of expertise, both from a general law perspective and from a tax perspective, is unique among Israeli law firms.


Our attorneys are reputed for their professional skills and their proficiency in all areas of taxation, including their knowledge of all new and updated legislation and case law in this area. The firm is headed by Dr.Arye Leybovich, who has written a substantial portion of the primary existing professional literature in numerous areas of taxation, including international taxation, trust taxation, and Value Added Tax, as well as hundreds of articles which have been published in legal professional journals and the written press, all of which have evolved to form the fundamental basis of literature in the specialty of taxation. Dr. Leybovich is a supervisor and lecturer for seminars held by the Israel Bar Association, the Institute of Certified Public Accountants in Israel, the Chamber of Tax Advisors in Israel and other private entities, and is the alternate Chairman of the Tax Committee and Vice Chairman of the Trust Committee of the Israeli Bar Association in Tel Aviv.


Leybovich & Co. provides complex tax consulting and planning to clients in Israel and abroad, and specializes in consulting and legal representation before the Israeli tax authorities, including in tax assessment hearings, and the Israeli courts. The firm counsels clients on a broad spectrum of tax related matters, including domestic and international taxation of companies and individuals; international tax planning utilizing both off-shore and on-shore principles; the effect of tax treaties; direct taxation (income tax); land taxation and indirect taxation (Value Added Tax, purchase tax and customs); pre-rulings; taxation upon mergers and corporate restructuring; corporate taxation; taxation matters underlying employee stock options in Israel and the U.S. (ESPP & ISO/ESOP); taxation of hi-tech companies and their employees and employers, including tax advice with respect to relocations, trusts, and quasi-trust entities (establishments and foundations); and real estate investment trusts (REIT). In addition, the firm provides expert legal opinions on all tax matters, including the issue of relocation.


Our firm represents taxpayers in tax penalty arrangements and tax offenses before the tax authorities and the courts. In this area of law, our firm selects the taxpayers it is to represent. If no tax penalty arrangement is actually obtained, our office works in cooperation with various firms to provide the taxpayer superior and professional criminal and tax representation in court.


We are known to have considerable success in obtaining arrangements for our clients. Our firm does not attribute its success to "connections" with tax authority representatives, and the only mark it has to "sell" its clients is "professionalism" and "dedication to the goal." We believe that these factors are the true secret to the taxpayer's success and security.


In addition to domestic and international taxation matters, our firm represents clients in court and appeals committees on municipal taxation matters, such as property tax (arnona), fees and development levies (including sewage, water, road paving and canal system installation).


The reputation which Dr. Aryeh Leybovich has developed in taxation matters has resulted in the firm serving as the professional address for accountants, tax consultants and numerous attorneys who frequently contact the firm for creative solutions, pre-rulings or a detailed expert opinion.



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